The Backstage Eyelash range was created with the vision of creating a small range of high quality lashes to complete a variety of makeup looks. After years of using other brands of lashes on photoshoots and for clients we noticed that most of the eyelashes that where available on the market where out-dated and had overly extensive ranges which where both confusing and mind boggling to customers.

After getting feedback from clients and other makeup artists we decided to design a range of high quality lashes but name them after “party destinations” after all that’s when we like to look our best. In our range we have lashes like the Chelsea lash which are more soft and wispy to suit more of a natural look and the vegas lash which are full and impactful for our ultra glam lash wearers out there. We have tried to cater to all different eye shapes and styles of makeup to create a small but simple range of wearable lashes.